How Nuttifox Email Marketing Could Possibly Be Better Than Social Media for Marketing

Could email marketing be better than social media for marketing? The argument could be egregious for some social media purists. These are the individuals that add “social media expert” to their resume after updating their Facebook page and making a Facebook business page with an uploaded image.

It doesn’t take much. But, social media is one of those things that seems extremely easy on the surface but is actually incredibly deep and rich. It isn’t unlike playing an instrument There is a huge gulf between a banjo player and a pianist- probably.

Email marketing may not be dead, despite contrary arguments. Email still has its use. The numbers do not lie, as email marketing strategies boast some of the best returns for customers who actually use their money and not just the power of their voice.

A Brief Aside for “Acquisition”

Except it isn’t. It is possible that email marketing is a superior strategy. The reason returns to the acquisition. It is a marketing enthusiast’s favorite word. For the most part, it means acquiring a customer from a marketing strategy. If 1 visitor out of every 100 buys a product, the acquisition rate is essentially 1%. It is a little more complicated than that (considering specifically tracked efforts, metrics, etc) but not by much. Acquisition is the company reaping the rewards of their good job.

Social Media Has Weak Acquisition

Social media is notorious for its usage and the population of people who actively engage with it. Contrarily, it is notorious for its poor acquisition. After reaching 1,000 people, only one may buy a product. Compare this to the 1% above, and there may be a serious problem.

The counter to this is that social media “hits” are much easier to obtain. So, it matters whether one wants 100 hits that are more expensive compared to 1,000 hits that are the same price or lower. The acquisition is relative.

Email marketing has better percentages. For that, a marketing company like Nuttifox will give it serious attention> There is a lot to unpack here, and it often returns back to the numbers. Explore the many options available at the website