3 Reasons to Use Lanyards for a Corporate Event

Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes. But, no matter what type of event is being planned, it’s helpful to have lanyards available for everyone that participates. These items can be picked up at the beginning of the seminar or presentation and can be used over the course of one day or several days, depending on what is needed. At first glance, a lanyard might not seem that important, but there are several reasons the cost of this item is well worth it.

Name Recognition

It can be tough to show up to company event and not recognize anyone. With lots of work done online or over the phone, there may not be a lot of facial recognition between participants. But, lanyards with a person’s name and position make it easier for people to mingle and meet in a variety of different settings.

Identify Groups

How can participants be distinguished from vendors that have been invited to take part in an event? Lanyards once again come to the rescue. They can hold different color badges or even be different colors themselves, making it possible to quickly determine what a person is doing at the event and what his or her role is.


While no one wants to think about the negative aspects of a corporate event, security still needs to be considered. Lanyards with identification cards make it possible to check people as they walk through the door, making sure that they are in the right place. It doesn’t take much time but can be beneficial when it comes to keeping the right people in the right places with Event Security.

If a corporate event is coming up, there are lots of things to plan. There’s a venue to choose, there could be entertainment to plan, and there could be speakers to arrange. Because there are so many things to keep in mind, take some of the stress and worry out of the event by arranging for all participants to have a lanyard. It makes recognizing people easier, allows different groups to be identified, and makes it possible to provide solid security throughout the event.