SEO Toronto Agencies Understand That Keywords Still Matter

When it comes to search engine optimization, businesses commonly need some professional expertise to generate a stronger online impact. An seo toronto agency fills that need, helping clients rise in search engine rankings and become more visible in social media.

The Problem With Keyword Stuffing

Years ago, SEO strategies sometimes included stuffing articles and blog posts with keywords that search engines responded to positively when people looked for information on the Web. When someone typed “unscented cat litter Toronto” in the search box, for example, the person probably wanted to find pet supply stores selling those products. Content that included the phrase “unscented cat litter” an excessive number of times was effective for pushing the site toward the top of the list, but this made the written content on the site cumbersome to read and annoying for Web users.

Algorithm Changes

Search engine programmers became aware of the problem and changed algorithms so this technique no longer worked. Website owners and their online marketing services needed to work quickly to adjust to the new circumstances. Search results now rewarded sites that offered useful, interesting, and fresh content to Web users instead of sites that posted keywords over and over amid any sort of content, useful or not.

Keywords Still Matter

But, keywords and keyword phrases still matter. Without them, nobody could find a site they’ve never heard of before. These pertinent strings of words should be included naturally as in any other type of communication. Variations on keywords are important too. The concept of unscented, for instance, can also be conveyed with descriptions like fragrance-free, scentless, and no perfume. Potential customers may very well be typing those words into search engines.

An Example

A new pet supply store in the Toronto metro area might include blog posts about unscented cat litter, using the phrase a few times in a 500-word post. Another post might be about cat litter with no clay and mention fragrance-free versions two or three times. With content updated at least weekly, that particular keyword phrase will appear many times, but not so often that it irritates readers looking for helpful information.