SEO is Changing, Is Your Website Ready?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is designed to help customers find what they’re looking for easily. Websites need to be properly optimized to reach the top of the search engine results so their potential customers can find them and visit the website. In the past, this was easily done by making sure there were many keywords on the website for the web crawlers to pick up on, but it has grown to be a far more complex process.

The Right Content Matters

Content is crucial nowadays. It includes the keywords the web crawlers look for, but now they look for so much more. They want to find content that’s well written, that people will be interested in reading, and that actually gives the reader more information. Content should be well-developed by a professional to have the biggest impact and quality is more important than quantity these days.

Links are a Crucial Part of Optimization

Links help connect websites together and show the web crawler that the website is an important one. The more important a website looks, the higher it will rank in the search engines. Links need to work and they need to be to or from authority sources that the web crawlers also rank highly to work well. Again, quality over quantity is important here.

New Ways to Optimize are Crucial to Implement

Along with the adjustment of older ways to search for what the customer needs, there are now new ways to search. With Google, Cortana, Siri, and other voice-activated search engines available today, more and more customers are starting to search for what they need with their voice instead of typing. Websites need to be prepared for this and their website should be optimized for these types of searches as they will only become more prevalent in the near future.

If your website is not yet optimized or if it’s not up to date and ready for the latest ways people are going to search for what they need, you’re going to want to start working on it today. Contact San Rafael SEO now to speak with an expert who can review your website and help you form a plan to continue optimizing it and to prepare it for the searches of the future.