Rarely Does a Web Design Agency Marketing Strategy Just Die, and There is a Good Reason for That

Marketing is evolving fast, and there is no doubt about that. Marketing has always shifted, but it has rarely outright annihilated a certain strategy out of existence. What does obsolescence mean in marketing? What does it mean for a strategy to actually die? Many would argue that the strategy has become less important, but what does that mean in action?

The Shift of the Meaning of Obsolete in Marketing

The interesting reality is that other seemingly lesser strategies are anything but obsolete. Earlier marketing strategies still work. The fascinating reality is that as many people that move away from a certain marketing strategy, others help fill the void to work in a less competitive space.

There are still marketers using paper flyers to incredible effect. Few people would make the argument that paper flyers are on the cusp of marketing innovation. But, in a weird way, they are. These individuals are using seemingly dated models to reach many people. The competition is loose and flexible because many people have dismissed the strategy entirely.

Email Marketing as an Example

Now, the separation between physical marketing (printed items) and digital marketing and the web is easy to see. But, there are many digital-only strategies that are considered obsolete. Email marketing is one of them. Many marketers have stepped away from it, fitting right into a self-fulfilling prophecy of many people claiming email marketing is dead before it actually is.

People leave dated marketing strategies alone. But, the ones who are still doing it are working in a less crowded space and using a strategy that fewer companies are doing- and they are succeeding. These companies want the stigma of email marketing to continue because their message will reach more people with less effort.

The truth is that rarely has any one form of marketing actually died. The pendulum in a Web Design Agency swings, sure, but it rarely outright kills a method, unless one is marketing by sneaking into cave walls and painting hieroglyphics. Marketing evolves. Email marketing is another example of a certain strategy becoming more niche-oriented but never outright going away. Claims of the extreme, stating RIP, are universally exaggerated.