Journals Capture the Special Moments of Childhood

Journaling is a wonderfully therapeutic tool, but it is also a historical document for future generations. Parents who keep journals leave behind a lot of information for their children that might have otherwise been lost. It can be used to document everything that happens as a child quickly grows. To a loving parent, a journal is a time capsule that captures forever the little faces, happy moments, and funny events. There is no right or wrong when people choose to create a journal, but some people struggle to begin. Here are some simple ideas for inspiration.

Choose the Format

Not everyone is comfortable expressing themselves by putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Journals do not have to be lengthy, written entries and deeply thought-out essays. Captioned photos and short videos are also appealing. Just make certain any digital photos or videos are saved and kept together.

Pick a Schedule

Journaling daily is great but can become tedious when there are several non-eventful days each week. It is also not always possible, especially for parents of young children, to find the time and energy to journal every night. Try to select a day once a week to record the memories from the previous days. It will be easier to avoid rushing the entry by choosing a day or evening that is typically slower than the rest. Jot down short reminder notes during the week of funny sayings or events that should not be missed.

Get Some Help

It makes sense to include some entries from the kids since the journal is about them. Have each child sit down and write about their happiest memory of the week. Young children can draw pictures, display their proficiency with writing the alphabet, or show how well they now print their name. Even a couple of grumpy sentences from a stubborn middle schooler will be fun to read years later.

A journal should be as unique as the people whose lives it describes. Parents should let themselves feel free to customize it however they want. Anyone still stuck for ideas can learn more online about the endless ways to make a family journal more personal.