How To Select The Best Garden Tillers For Any Size Job

A tiller makes turning over dirt an easy chore and can have any space ready for planting in no time. One of the hardest things about a tiller is choosing the best brand and model for the intended use. Not taking the time to research the various options available can lead a consumer to make a purchase that does not meet their needs. The following are a few items to consider, and what applications the various models available are best used for. Be sure to consider all of these important factors before taking the plunge and purchasing a garden tiller.

Gas or Electric Power

Electrically powered tillers are known for their convenience and low maintenance, but gas powered units will provide more horsepower and make large tilling jobs easy to complete. Electric units are better suited for smaller residential applications, such as tilling a flower bed or prepping a small garden space on already broken up dirt. Gas powered units make easy work of the toughest dirt and are perfect for tilling land that hasn’t been planted or tilled in many years.

Horsepower Rating

The more horsepower, the more powerful the tiller will be. Those with a rating of 1 or lower are great at preparing smaller garden beds and areas where rock and other ground contaminants are not present. Land that is composed of clay and stone requires additional horsepower to break through tough ground conditions. It is a good idea to shovel an area to determine the type of soil present before making a purchase decision.

Tilling Depth

Most tillers can reach down as far as 6 inches and can be adjusted to till as little as one inch down. An adjustable tiller allows an individual to choose their tiller depth, but most models come with a preset depth from the factory. Shallow tillers can be a great option for turning over dirt to get rid of weeds, but breaking up ground for a flower or vegetable garden may require depths up to 6 inches.

Make preparing the earth for a garden or flower bed less back breaking by utilizing a tiller to break up dirt. It will not only make it easier but will take a fraction of the time of using a hand-held shovel. View the variety of garden tillers available and choose a model that will make gardening a hobby that anyone can enjoy.