Display Ideas for Any Outdoor Event

Running a craft or event type business has its challenges. Coming up with fresh Outdoor display ideas is one of them. Consider a few of these suggestions when you’re planning your next event.

What to Consider?

The type of business and the time of year are two important things to consider when deciding on display ideas. A service business will need specific tools whereas a product based business will focus more on setting up product ideally to attract more buyers.


Being outdoors require some type or overhead covering. It looks great and encloses your business but it also protects you from the sun. Tents can range from the general 10 x10 to the big masterpieces. There are inflatable tents and printed classic tents that are at fairs.

Display Tables

Display tables are necessary to hold your items but also to hide the items that you don’t want customers to see. Display tables come in all different types of sizes and lengths. Many craft entrepreneurs drape their tables with a pleasing material while storing unsightly boxes underneath.


Although it is more likely that you will be standing up greeting and meeting your customers or guests, having a chair is always a good idea for the times that are slower. And depending on type of business you may need a chair for your customers to try on items.


It is very important for your potential clients to know what you offer before approaching your tent. A sign or banner is part of your branding much like a business card but bigger. Banners and signs can be customized or you can make your own but it’s not recommended unless your business is graphic designs.

Depending on the event, such as a wedding, the display would be much different. The type of display that you choose will also depend greatly on the amount of space you have. A big Dome tent, although amazing, won’t work if you only have a 10×10 space. So before making your final decision on display ideas take an assessment of the space, the time of year and the theme of the event, if any.