Consistent Awards Increase Brand Recognition

Business owners and corporate executives select trophies and awards to acknowledge exemplary accomplishments, note milestones in years of service and publicly illustrate collaborations with partners. Having those items custom designed to represent the business will increase brand recognition as they are displayed, shared, and presented. Trade magazine articles, videos on the website, and social media posts will ensure the items are seen by thousands of people.

Select Striking Pieces

An award or trophy printed on paper and placed in a frame is unoriginal and boring. It can be gold embossed, have fancy fonts, and be in a shiny frame, but it will still be ordinary. Do something different and creative. Order custom lapel pins or tie-tacks, establish a crest or insignia to include on all acknowledgments, or present custom coins or medallions.

Embroidered emblems are also available. Any item can be ordered with an optional three-dimensional effect to add more style and uniqueness to the award. Sample packets with examples of the wide variety of processes are offered at a nominal charge. That cost is credited to the business upon the first order. Business owners can request a catalog or random samples at no charge.

U.S.A. Location

Many promotional product and trophy companies are located overseas. That adds to the delivery time, the total costs, and can be a logistical nightmare. A state-of-the-art factory in California includes the latest technology to produce high-quality items in different processes and materials. Requests for quotes can be submitted directly online, and details for formats, color requirements, and specifics for submitting artwork are also online.

Enamel Processes

Pieces can be created on three different types of enamel for distinct looks and luxurious finishes. Cloisonne hard enamel is a top-quality choice and includes up to sixteen finish options. A second type is more economical and is called Epola. It is also referred to as imitation hard enamel or semi-hard enamel. Soft enamel is the last option. It can be ordered with an epoxy coating to increase durability.

Other processes include three printing options, photo etching, and zinc alloy injection. Complete descriptions of each process, plating options, and which are recommended for detailed artwork are available to help owners decide which they prefer.