4 Social Media-Friendly Tips for Medical Aesthetic Marketing

Many cosmetic practices use outdated, costly advertising methods to build their brands, but patients often tune these channels out because they get most of their info from social media. Marketing on social media involves more than putting up a Twitter profile or Facebook page; it’s about teaching people, answering questions, and sharing updates. Below are some social media and content marketing success tips for medical aesthetic marketing.

Tell a Story

Use the practice’s blog to tell stories about the industry, its people, and its events. Every story should be interesting and unique enough to draw a new audience on every social site. Human interest stories are very popular, and medical aesthetic practices are lucky enough to be able to use this strategy. Using patients’ stories and images can show how the practice affects people’s lives by improving their appearance and self-esteem.

Blog Regularly

If the practice doesn’t already have one, developing an editorial schedule can help it blog consistently. Doctors should consider that social media content can benefit greatly from planning and frequent updates. While many stories are inspired by the company blog, occasionally, it will be necessary to add content to engage the audience.

Execute Stories Well

Although the medical aesthetic industry is compelling on its own, it’s important to execute stories properly. For instance, on Pinterest and Facebook, posting a well-edited and visually appealing photo will go farther than posting a link to the blog. Twitter’s execution skills will vary significantly, as will other platforms’. It’s important to learn about these environments and use their features to reach a greater market segment.

Include Location Data

An aesthetician’s goal is to attract new patients. Create or update the practice’s Twitter profile, Pinterest account, and Facebook page with its physical location and contact info. When a patient comes for an appointment, encourage check-ins through Facebook Places. When friends see this, they’ll want to learn more about the practice, and they’ll likely visit its Facebook page.

Cosmetic procedures are more popular than ever, and there’s a lot of competition out there. Aestheticians and doctors need to find ways to make their practices stand out from the crowd, and the marketing tips on this list can do just that.