Reviewing Common Defenses For Criminal Charges

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants have access to a multitude of defenses. These defenses depend upon the crime that was committed and the circumstances in which it occurred. The age of the defendant could also play a role in building a defense. A local attorney provides access to any defense that applies to the case.

Mistaken Identity Claims

Mistaken identity claims are substantiated when the defendant can prove that they were in another location during the crime. A time stamp on a receipt or video footage of the defendant can present a viable defense against the charges. However, the evidence must make it impossible for the defendant to leave the area and arrive at the crime scene based on the time in which the crime was committed.

Self-Defense Opportunities During Criminal Cases

Self-defense claims are available if the defendant committed a crime based on a fear for their life. These defenses are often associated with domestic violence, murder, and manslaughter. However, in these cases, the defendant must present evidence of defensive wounds that indicated that the victim was attacking them. Any evidence that shows that the defendant’s crime was avoidable can dismiss their claim altogether.

The Defense of Infancy

The defense of infancy comes into play when the defendant is a child or possesses a certain mental disorder. A defendant who was too young or lacked the mental capacity to comprehend the magnitude of the offense could use this defense. However, evidence of this fact must be presented to the court.

Inaccurate Testing Results

Inaccurate testing results could present a defense for a DUI. All drivers who are arrested for a DUI has the right to an attorney before they submit to testing. They also have the legal right to acquire a second sample from the officers for their attorney. The attorney tests the sample. If the results of both tests do not match, the defendant’s case could be dismissed.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants have access to several defenses based on their charge and the events leading up to the offense. The attorney provides assistance according to the circumstances of the offense. Defendants who need more answers from an attorney visit for further details today.