Murals Can Help Bring Nature Inside The Home

Many homeowners are trying to find ways to reconnect with nature as they take steps to live in an environmentally friendly way. The new WallpaperInk tree murals are one way to do that. By going to the company website, a customer can pick from hundreds of tree murals ready to ship. The murals are divided into easy to handle strips and come with everything needed to hang them, including a how to video. This is a great DIY project.

Tree And Forest Murals

When a person looks on the website there are many different tree and forest murals to choose from. Looking on screen full of photos after screen after screen, it is hard to choose the best one. This must be the biggest collection of tree type murals on the market. The murals are divided into categories of tree photographs such as spring, summer, fall, and winter tree images. There are forest murals that include ponds, rivers, and water falls.

There are very colorful scenes and black and white scenes. Find images of sunbeams on trees and enchanted forests. Then, there are forest scenes from many different areas of the world. Anyone should be able to find a mural with trees that will make them happy.

Mural Quality And Choices

These top-quality murals come in three types including standard, pre pasted, and premium PVC based murals. The standard and pre pasted murals are paper based. The company uses a state of art printing system called HP Designjet Z6200 with a 2400 x 1200 dpi optimized. This system makes murals with unrivaled color definition and print clarity. The resulting murals are fire retardant and UV resistant. The murals are finished with a washable and waterproof finish helping their durability.

On top of the great inks and durability, these murals are printed with ECO-friendly inks and materials. The mural sets have room for error built in so homeowners will have an easy time installing them with beautiful results. These murals come in a box including wallpaper paste, a pencil, and a knife with snap off blades. The sets also include a how-to video. For more information, visit the website.