Choosing a Craftsman-Style Home for Life Right in the Artistic Side of Charlotte

Charlotte has a glorious burgeoning arts scene that has been cultivated for roughly 100 years. The new modern art scene is a mixture of the old and the new, and it has pushed many art critics and culture enthusiasts to claim Charlotte as one of the most promising and artistically progressive cities in the United States.

Developers are seeing more than just potential in Charlotte. They are seeing real vitality, and they are fostering this energy with some acclaimed home properties and developments. The Grandin Heights neighborhood is the perfect encapsulation of what this lovely city can offer, and it sits right in the brimming artistic center. For details, visit the website.

A Glance at the Interior Staples

Grandin Heights is unique because it keeps artistic design sensibilities at the forefront. The interior is brandished with premium design features, including new chrome cabinetry and a chrome Delta kitchen faucet. These are just a few of the examples of how design is taken as a top priority here. A chrome lighting package is fitted throughout the property, offering a tender glow that is captured to perfection. Newly fitted sinks line the bathrooms.

It fits right into the scope of Charlotte. The properties come fitted with more than just a solid shell. The properties will come fitted with brand new hardwood flooring. The countertops will come in quartz. It delivers a dazzling glow to the layout that is mesmerizing.

Scale, Sizes, and Floor Plans

The spaciousness of the properties really elevates them above a standard luxury townhouse. Potential buyers can explore an array of floor plans that range from about 1,200 feet to over 2,500 or more. The typical townhouse here is three bedrooms, which gives plenty of room for a growing family, but is great for utilizing an extra bedroom as an office or art space. It all contributes to the craftsman-inspired aesthetics of the city.

Properties are still being developed. The neighborhood is new and fresh. It is a representation of how art and culture are merging together in Charlotte in some spectacular and riveting ways. Charlotte is growing, and anyone can join in the adventure today.