Before You’re Arrested, You Can Seek Help From a Lawyer Like Aric Cramer

Sometimes, a person will be aware they have the potential to be arrested for a crime. They might have realized the police are asking questions about them or have been told by the police they’re a suspect but not being charged yet. If a person believes an arrest can be imminent, they might want to go ahead and contact a criminal defense attorney for help.

Don’t Answer Any Questions From the Police

While the police are there to help the community, it’s not a good idea for a potential suspect to speak with the police without representation. It’s easy for something to be misunderstood or taken out of context and used against the suspect. A lawyer can be at any interview with the local police to help their client avoid self-incrimination.

Don’t Talk About the Situation With Anyone Besides a Lawyer

The police aren’t going to just interview the suspect. They’re also going to interview friends and family. They have social media pages, so they can often see what a person posts. It’s a good idea for a suspect in a crime to avoid talking to anyone about the situation and to avoid posting anything at all on their social media accounts. The less they say, the less that can be used against them in court.

Do Not Try to Erase or Delete Evidence

It can be incredibly tempting to delete or erase potential evidence if the person hasn’t been arrested yet. However, this may not be a good idea because the evidence could be recoverable or, if not, the person could face an additional charge of destruction of evidence. Instead, it’s a better idea to hand any potential evidence to their lawyer and get advice on what to do with it.

If you believe you are a suspect in a crime, whether or not you’ve committed a crime, go ahead and contact an attorney today to get the advice you need to handle this situation. An attorney like Aric Cramer can start working on your defense right away, can help you speak with the police, and can give you advice on what to do or to avoid doing to try to avoid an arrest and conviction.