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Smoking has been with the human race for almost hundreds of years and as much as it’s spoken against, it’s still exists. There exist almost similar practices that is taken for smoking but is commonly known as vaping. When a person is vaping they are basically inhaling the vapor from a vaporizer and ingesting it in the same way a person does when smoking. The vapor is produced from an e liquid;it could be a dry herb as well.

A vaporizer on the other hand refers to an electronic device in which material is turned into vapor. The design of the vaporizer has some sophistication to it because unlike a cigarette , the devices have a battery , a main console , cartridges and a component known as a atomizer. In a vaporizer the parts have to work in harmony for there to be vapor, first off the battery provides power that heats up an element located in the atomizer, this is responsible for converting the vaping material into vapor which can now be inhaled For a person who is vaping , there is not one element that one is limited to , liquids that can be vaped come in a variety , dry herbs and waxy concentrates can also be vaped .

However one fact to have in mind is that specific vapors are made to use one type of vaping material so its correct to say that a vaporizer that uses herbs as the vaping material will not use e-liquids . Changing the cartridges of the vaporizer allows one to vape different materials because the cartridge made to accommodate a liquid will not be the same one used to accommodate a dry herb. Vapor is the substance diffused or that which is suspended in the air , it results from the vaping material. Vapor is sweet smelling and is very thick in comparison with smoke .

The liquids used to give vapor in vaporizers will contain two major substances that are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin , in addition flavors will be added and in some nicotine as well. E- liquids on the market are available in lots of varieties some are fruit inspired and there are some flavors with a lot of innovations to attract customers.

Some may argue that vaping does not pose threat to human health at least when vaping materials that have no harmful chemicals in them but it is better if under age people kept off the act. Compared to smoking , vaping is heavier and has more moisture in it depending on the vapor . You can forget your worries of having tar on your teeth and charred lungs as a smoker because vaping has none of that.

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