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What an Accident Lawyer Does

If you are part of an accident that is not your doing, you can ask for compensation from either your insurance company, or form the insurance company that covers the person who caused it. It is also possible to give a third party claim if more than one party was responsible for it. In case the insurance company refuses to settle with you, you can take the case to trial.

That is the nature of the onset of accident claims. There are many differences to these cases, where many eventualities are possible, and a lot of things come up in the process. There can be rehabilitation, deadlines, creditor issues, bill payment, loss wages, and such. To successfully manage a claim and get compensated, while rehabilitating from the injuries, there is need to get an experienced personal injury lawyer on board. They shall be there to guide and help you in every step of the way, which shall be helpful for you in your particular case.

A personal injury lawyer has his/her first duty to provide legal representation for those who have had to endure physical or psychological injuries and are seeking compensation for the damages and losses from the injuries. They usually, manage to negotiate an settle out of court. You can expect an experienced lawyer to have no problem taking the case to trial if no significant settlement is being reached. The cases can take different directions, but the duty of this lawyer remains the same. They will just adopt different strategies.

When preparing to present your side, they shall gather evidence. They shall do extensive investigation to achieve this, from the onset. They shall take their time and go through witness reports, police statements, pictures, videos, and any other source. When their client gets better medically, they shall proceed to gather medical records, health records, employment records, among others. This exercise is meant to build a case that shall lead to them proving who was at fault.

The lawyer will also work on getting an offer from the insurance company, and negotiates until they get you a significant offer. In case the insurance company fails to produce a reasonable offer, then they shall prepare for the next step

The lawyer will at this juncture take the opportunity to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. This is usually the result of their refusal to comply with the negotiation. The lawyer will therefore demand a hearing or arbitration, or both. The minute a lawsuits filed, the sued normally has 30 days to comply. When the responses are received, discovery proceedings commence, where witness testimonies, expert testimonies, depositions shall be heard. After this, a trial date shall be set. This can be immediately, or much later, depending on how a court’s schedule is.

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