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Techniques That Can Be Applied To Ensure Maximum Concentration Of Staff In Meetings

Meetings are essential in any business. Any type of business finds it necessary to hold meetings as a way of discussing the state of the business and setting new objectives. It is a forum where workers get a forum to discuss about their conduct and how they have carried out business activities in the past. The staff plays a major role to ensure the meetings goes on successfully. The managers want to accomplish the objectives of the meetings where the staff leaves the room with whatever that has been discussed. Most employees struggle to remain attentive during the meeting, and they may wander off few hours after the meeting has begun. Below are techniques that you can apply to ensure your employees remain attentive throughout the meeting.

Make sure you have the correct timing of your meeting It is important to consider the time that you set the meeting. It should not be a time of the day when you notice the staffs tired from the day’s work. It is important to have short breaks in between the meeting instead of prolonged hours of meeting. When the meeting proceeds for long hours the employees tend to lose their concentration and start inviting other thoughts. Giving your employees break gives them chance to clear their thoughts, go through their emails and stretch outside as well as going to the bathroom.

You need to motivate the employees to engage by asking questions during the meeting. This is an ideal way to make them participate in the meeting. Before you change topics, introduce a forum of questions where they can make inquiry. You will find out their level of concentration by the type of questions that they bring forward. It is a positive method that you can use to make your staff contribute to the meeting. Refrain from discussing things that are not part of the meeting’s agenda. Keep your focus of the main topic of discussion. Make use of visual guides to assist you in keeping up with the main objectives of the meeting. If a worker asks a question that is not in line with the topic of discussion; you can ask them to ask the question after the meeting has ended.

You also need to eliminate distractions. You should request your employees to keep their phones away while in the meeting. Cell phones are a major cause of distractions to people hence the necessity to control their use. It is significant to upgrade on the way you treat distractions of the employees. Make Sure that the boardroom is well cleaned and arranged as a way of reducing employee’s distractions by the environment. The decorations should be made with limits.