Logos – Getting Started & Next Steps

DIY Logo for Your Brand

Memorable business logos are vital when you’re aiming to have your brand stand out from the competition. Logos are basically the graphic symbol or representation of any organisation, business or brand. Business owners place these symbols on business cards, advertising materials and stationery items; the logos are visual symbols that incite recognition from those who see it. Taking all of that into account, it’s obvious that businesses have to prioritise the creation of an attractive logo.

Logo designs that are professionally done are mean that you’re actually serious with the whole business. These services are definitely not cheap so make sure that you’re getting everything you paid for. Those that want to redesign their logo or want to enter the logo design market should take note of the following tips.

What the Target Audience has to Say

Designing a logo on your own might be tricky at first but it can also be simple and easy. Before beginning with your logo, take into account some of the important initial factors like the target audience and the nature of the business. Of course you want to actually like your logo but the logo has to appeal to the potential clients more and should be designed solely based on their opinion. Let’s stay that you’re the most conservative person in the world but the logo you’re creating is for the younger crowd so it’s likely that your opinion will differ, thus the target audience’s opinion comes first.

Simplicity is Key

The most effective logos inspire loyalty as well as trust and it’s not required to showcase every single service or product offered by the company. In reality, the simpler the logo the better. If the business wants to remind the current clients of their services or wants to grab the attention of potential ones won’t achieve their goal with a cluttered logo. When we say simple, we mean clean and bold lines without all the elements that can take away attention from what the logo was originally trying to say.

Typography is Important

Typography is one factor that can either be hit or miss with logos. Thanks to the huge selection of colours, designs and fonts available, you’ll be tempted to create a rather complex logo with numerous fonts and colours which wildly contrasts one another. Too many colours and fonts added to one logo will likely cause it to lose cohesion. Businesses invest time and effort into having the an ideal logo in order to keep the business in the mind if the clients, so a logo with distracting elements and wrong typography defeats the purpose.

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