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Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer After Figuring in a Car Accident

If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident in which you weren’t at fault, the first thing you must realize is that you have rights afforded to you under the law. However, it would be very difficult for you to claim those rights and compensation in the process if you don’t hire a personal injury lawyer. You don’t want to end up getting nothing from the physical and emotional torment caused by the accident.

Here are some of the most practical reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer makes sense.

1 – You don’t have all the time in the world to pursue legal actions.

Keep in mind that most states enforce a statute of limitations in pursuing legal action related to car accident claims. Most states give two years. Therefore, should you fail to hire a lawyer in that period and then you don’t sue, it means you essential have given up your right to sue.

2 – There are certain rules and regulations to follow to sue or file for an accident claim.

An example of this is when your insurance company requires you to file a police report in a given period of time. Your state with jurisdiction could also be asking other requirements pertinent to the claim. With this in mind, you need the services and expertise of a personal injury attorney who has the experience in handling car accident cases like yours. If you feel confident of your chances of representing yourself, just think of the risk of jeopardizing your claim, especially with the fact that you’re no legal expert.

3 – Your insurance company quickly becomes your enemy.

While insurance companies are so friendly when it comes to convincing you of their commitment to protect their clients, things easily change once you figure in an accident and you file for a claim. These companies want nothing but to advance their interests, which in this case is to keep costs down and reduce overhead as much as possible. And because they have all the resources they need, they have the best lawyers at their disposal. So, if you really want to increase your chances of getting the claim you rightfully deserve, the only way to do that is by hiring a reliable and highly competent personal injury lawyer.

4 – It’s safe to say you’re not completely aware as to the extent of the potential damages.

Finally, hire a personal injury lawyer for you to get the most accurate estimate of the potential damages directly or indirectly caused by the accident. If you don’t know it yet, your lawyer will tell you that aside from covering medical bills, you claim will also cover the income you could have earned from your job as well as damages for the emotional distress, pain, and suffering.

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