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Steps on Making Origami

Origami is a special art practiced in the Japanese culture which involves folding of papers. Currently, Origami has reached al the corners of the world in the cultures being used to refer to all the folding practices and not only papers. Coming up with complete sculpture from a square sheet of paper is the aim for Origami. Cuts, glues and any kinds of markings done on the paper are some of the discouragements placed when making Origami. Various intricate designs can be obtained from combinations of various origami folds when folded in various ways. Here are some of the steps to follow when making a good Origami design.

Firstly, you are required to choose the type of paper to use when making these Origami designs. The artists have a wide variety of papers to choose from for them to have a credible art-work. Pre-cut papers are available to help the beginners to have an easy time when making these designs for their first time. Beginners are therefore capable of designing the perfect size of the Origami. The best artwork paper should have a certain thickness and color. For a beginner, you should choose a thin paper and then the one with a color of your choice. Thin papers are the best because they forgive mistakes and they rarely crease as compared to the thick papers.

Secondly you should choose an instructional book or any other directive like a tutorial. It is wise to have a book, a video or a tutorial that is easy to understand in the folding process. These directives are required to supply you with helpful illustrations and therefore easing the work. Origami is complicated and therefore just reading the instructions is not enough. Thirdly, a beginner is required to practice and master the basics of the folding process. Origami, being an art, it requires procedural increments in the learning process for it to look simple at the end; otherwise it might seem overwhelming. Origami tackles the complicated designs after perfecting the simple ones.

After mastering the basics of the art, you can now proceed to the advanced designs. Eighteen folds are complicated designs, and their examples are; crane, frog, lily, and lotus. Challenges are everywhere even after managing to the advanced stages; however, intense practice would help to solve it. After becoming well conversant with the designs, you can try yourself using the fabrics. You can now become a better Origami designer when you use fabrics.

Friends and family members should witness your artistic skills once you are qualified. Origami is, therefore, a great hobby where all these people will be happy of. You, therefore, attract other people into this hobby of designing Origami. When teaching them these skills you tend to strengthen yourself at this stage you can produce unique designs even for sale.

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